A Footballer’s Instrument

Just as a painter needs a brush to display his talents, so does a footballer. However, the difference is that the latter uses a football. It’s the instrument that they use to display their craft. The little round object enables players to showcase their talents on the pitch. A well-functioning ball is paramount to a player performing at an optimum level. Consequently, it determines the quality of the match. Thus, begging the question, “What’s the right ball to have?”. Here’s a soccer ball size guide to help you.

The soccer ball has seen tremendous change since its inception. Originally, it was a roughly constructed rubber stack. However, today’s product is nothing like its predecessors. Developed through cutting edge technology, it’s designed to fulfill various purposes. Today’s products are a long-shot better everywhere than those that came before it. Yet, the debate around the perfect ball today still rages. Let’s explore this soccer ball size guide.  

Soccer Ball Size Guide

The instant question that pops in people’s heads is, “Why are different sizes even required?”. A question more pervasive in circles unacquainted with the sport. The answer to that is simple. A soccer ball sizing chart became necessary when the game evolved. Today, analysts have discovered that different instances and ages require different composition.  


The proverb “One shoe does not fit every foot” drives home the point. Recent studies have shown that younger players are at risk if they play with heavier objects. As football includes heading the ball frequently, this contact may leave a lasting impact. Various sizes prevent any repercussions and maximize enjoyability. That’s why a soccer ball size guide becomes necessary. However, this leads one to wonder, “How does one classify soccer ball size by age?”

Soccer Ball Sizes And Ages

Here’s how a soccer ball size by age differentiates from one another. Moreover, it’s prudent to mention that these are merely the structure. The material and technology used may vary amongst manufacturers. Having said that, here’s a soccer ball size guide.

  • Size 1: Or TX’s Junior Soccer Ball, is the smallest football out there. Its compact structure helps younger players. Hence, it’s completely safe to head the ball. There’s been acute scientific research to ensure they don’t leave any impact. As a result, it’s the ideal way to introduce young players under 5 to the beautiful game.

    Not only that, it’s a handy tool for older players too. Its light structure allows players to hone their skills initially. They can work on their footwork, skills, and ball control on it. Lately, a trend has arisen whereby people buy them as souvenirs too.
  • Size 2: There’s little description required about this one. Its structure is almost identical to a Size 1 ball. Consequently, people show little discrimination between the two. They buy either one as they’re perfectly substitutable.
  • Size 3: Ever wondered, “what size soccer ball for a 10 year old?”. Well, here’s your answer. The Size 3 ball boasts a circumference of 58 - 61 cm. It’s the smallest size used in professional young games. Where young athletes less than 10 years old play against each other. A notable feature of them is their bright colors.

  • Size 4: Another name for this size is youth football size. It’s primarily used by the 11 - 14 age bracket. It enjoys a circumference of 63 - 66 cm. Additionally, youth leagues and championships use it in their matches. Furthermore, it’s also used in Futsal. Albeit that version is slightly heavier. This allows players to control it easily. A skill that becomes difficult on a hard pitch.
  • Size 5: “What is the official ball size for soccer ?”. These are standard sizes for ages 15+. Moreover, they’re also used in professional matches around the world. That means whether it’s the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, or Bundelisga, each uses this version. This extends to international matches too.

    Furthermore, official teenage matches use them too. This allows younger athletes to acquaint themselves with the professional game. Whilst fans can enjoy playing with the same balls as their idols.

All in all, each person should be aware of the soccer ball size guide. This allows them not only to train better, but ensure everyone’s safety. TX Football offers a wide range of footballs. Each designed to fulfill a particular need. Go to our website and start browsing through our collection.


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