Today, football is the biggest game in the world. Though fans of other sports may argue, there’s proof to this claim. Football events like the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, etc. draw a lot of viewers. An example of this is the last World Cup Final between Argentina and France. According to FIFA, a record-breaking 1.5 billion viewers worldwide. A jaw-dropping number for any sport. However, how do you play it? Well, this guide will help you understand soccer rules in Australia.

Kicking off with the question, what makes football the ‘Beautiful Game’? Well, for starters, it’s the most accessible sport. With other sports like cricket, there are a few requirements to play the game. A ball, at least one bat, protective equipment, and stumps - or anything similar. But what’s most difficult to obtain is space and a level playing field. Without these, the whole experience turns sour.

However, with football, all you need is a ball and a few players. The sport has been played in bizarre and unusual circumstances. Thus, underlying its core principle. That is, “Football is for everyone”. Regardless of your race, wealth, ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, etc., everyone has a right to play it. But how to play soccer? Though there are universal laws of the sport, little variation may exist across countries. Here’s a guide on the soccer rules in Australia.

Soccer Rules in Australia

Here are some basic soccer rules in Australia you need to know. Although other details exist, knowing these can enable you to start playing.

The Basics

Normally, two teams play a match. Each team comprises 11 players. Additionally, there are 3 referees on the pitch too with another one present in a technical room. Each team has a Head Coach and his entire team instructing their teams from the sidelines. Furthermore, a maximum of 5 substitutions take place. In other words, they can replace 5 players on the pitch with those on the sidelines. Their timings and usage are left to the discretion of the coach.

As the name suggests, football is exclusively played with the player's feet. However, a player can use any part of his body apart from his hands. 2 halves of 45 minutes each divide a match. With a 15-minute break in between. Many stoppages occur at the regular time of the match. Including injuries, ball going out of bounds, gear malfunction, or time wasting, the list is endless. Catering to this, additional time extends the match beyond 90 minutes. The length of it depends on the referee’s judgment.

Determining Outcomes

Each match has 3 possible outcomes to it. A win, loss, or draw. The number of goals a side scores determines the match. A team scores a goal by crossing the football beyond the line of the goalpost of their opponent's side. Specifically, a ball has to cross the goal line entirely to score a goal. Traditionally, the referee determined when the ball had crossed the line. However, modern technology has eliminated the possibility of any errors. The referee’s watch alerts them if the ball passes the line.

The Offside Rule

The most difficult part to explain to the unassociated is the offside rule. A reason for this is that regulatory bodies keep tinkering with it. Introducing new dynamics every year. Leaving both fans and professionals confused. However, the basic principle is such. Any player from a side can’t be standing behind the last person on the opposition team when playing the ball. What keeps changing is the part of the body that needs to stay behind. For years, any part ahead has led to a violation. However, that has changed many times since then.


Football is a contact sport. That is, frequently players bash against each other. The rules permit shoulder-to-shoulder contact. Furthermore, little physicality flies under the radar. However, anything overly physical leads to a foul. The referee determines the extent to which one can push this.

Furthermore, any contact when a player doesn’t have the ball in their possession is a blatant foul. Additionally, any tackles that hit someone over the knee result in being reprimanded. The outcome falls into two categories. A yellow card or red card. The latter is a cautionary measure. But two yellow cards resulted in expulsion from the match. On the other hand, a red car immediately expels the offender from the game.


Here are a few questions often asked about soccer rules in Australia

Is soccer a contact sport?

Yes, players frequently come into contact with each other. In some instances it's tolerated, in others, it's not.

How long do soccer games last?

A match normally lasts for 90 minutes split into two 45-minute halves. However, the provision of stoppage means matches exceed it every time. According to soccer rules in Australia, the referee determines the length of the match.

How many players in soccer?

Each team has 11 players in its squad. However, if a player gets sent off for a foul, then the team has to play the rest of the match without them. That’s according to the official soccer rules in Australia. In reality, even two people can enjoy the beautiful game.


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